Establishing a Mini Industrial Park in Your Community

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More than 35 million Americans move to a new home each year. When making the decision to move, people need to consider where they want to live, the school district in which they want to be, the size of the home they desire, and so much more. If you ask any real estate agent, they will tell you when it comes to moving, it is all about location, location, location. Finding a home in the perfect location that fits your lifestyle is of the upmost importance to the longevity of your stay.

The same holds true when attracting a new industrial company to your community. Your community should be prepared to offer cost effective and custom solutions for the company's business needs. Similar to designing a new subdivision for your community, one option is to develop a mini industrial park. These parks allow mutually beneficial infrastructure investments to be distributed among various co-locators. This helps keep costs low, while still providing a custom solution for each business adjoining the industrial park. Do not miss this opportunity to grow your community!

Contact Union Pacific today to learn how creating a master plan for a mini industrial park can help prepare your community to attract new businesses. 

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