Zero In On Your Union Pacific Focus Site

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Union Pacific's Focus Site program features more than 25 shovel-ready sites on our rail network. Our Focus Site network decreases your uncertainty with connecting to rail and increases your speed to market. Benefits of our Focus Sites include:

  • Rail design approved by Union Pacific
  • Large-scale development area (generally 125+ acres)
  • Utilities and roads accessible to site
  • Local development support
  • Single controlling land owner


The shovel-ready sites range anywhere from 125 to more than 6,500 developable acres. An interactive Focus Site map highlights each site and the Union Pacific regional manager that can help you get started. Union Pacific plans to add additional Focus Sites to our network on an ongoing basis.

We're Here to Help

Our local field leads are always here to lend their expertise in finding the best rail solution for your company. Once you zero in on a focus site, contact a regional representative to learn more.