Options for Developing Your Rail Served Business

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Are you looking for an existing rail served property? Are you looking to build in an existing rail served industrial park? Or maybe you want to build from scratch?

With all the factors to consider when securing a location for your rail served business, let our rail experts provide cost and time estimates for the various locations available. Options include sites and buildings along our 33,000 mile network or one located on more than 200 Short Line railroads that we connect to.  

Union Pacific Network Connection Union Pacific Short Line Connection
Access to 33,000 mile network, covering 23 states across the western two-thirds of the United States. Access to 200+ Short Line connections extends Union Pacific's reach in the 23 states we operate.
25+ Focus Sites offer premier large-scale development areas, complete with rail designs. Simply pick one and start building. Short Lines may be able to offer a speed to market solution.
500+ sites listed in our Site Solutions Tool are available to locate your rail-served business. Find the right parcel or existing building to call your own. The smaller network size of Short Lines often allows them to provide flexible pick-up and delivery options.
Our regional experts are well versed in the available properties throughout our network, they can assist you in finding the right location to meet your business needs. Our short line managers work with our connecting Short Lines daily and are highly knowledgeable on available properties.
Online tools will assist with managing your project from start to finish. Short Lines have a rich history and wealth of experience to help you find the right location to build your business.

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Our local development experts are always here to lend you their expertise in finding the best rail solutions for your company. We want to make sure you’re connected with a site that truly meets your business needs. No matter which route you take, we have the right team to assist you with developing your rail served business.

Union Pacific Network Site Development
Short Line Site Development

Explore the short lines available to you through one of our connecting short line partners:

Online Tool Simplifies the Search & Provides Available Options

Our Site Solutions Tool, provides companies on the hunt for rail-served properties an easier way to find them. The Site Solutions Tool allow users to search a repository of rail-served buildings and industrial sites online with just a few clicks. This tool features our Focus Sites, as well as locations along our connecting Short Lines that offer a speed to market advantage.

The SST listings is not a comprehensive listing of available properties, please contact a Network, Economic & Industrial Development expert to assist you with your search.