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After 52 Years, No. 4014 Poised to Return to Rails

Posted January 10, 2014 06:56 AM CDT

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The RailGiants Museum in Pomona, Calif., will receive the UP diesel locomotive No. 3105 as well as this caboose, in trade for the Big Boy.

The weather may have cooled things down across the country, but work is heating back up for Union Pacific's Big Boy No. 4014 in Pomona, Calif. After a short holiday break, the UP Steam Team is back in town preparing for the next step in this historic process.

"For the first time in 52 years, the Big Boy locomotive will come out into the national rail network," said Ed Dickens, senior manager - Heritage Operations. Working with California's Metrolink, Metro and Union Pacific's Los Angeles Service Unit, plans are in place to complete No. 4014's move from Pomona to Colton at the end of January.

The RailGiants Museum will receive the UP diesel locomotive No. 3105 as well as a caboose, in trade for the Big Boy. On the day of the trade, currently scheduled for Jan. 26, No. 4014 will move onto Metrolink track, and the consist containing No. 3105 will power itself in to museum property. The Big Boy will continue on the Metrolink track to a connection with the Union Pacific main line where it will head east to Colton.

"There are several crews (in Colton) that have had experience when steam was the primary mode that powered these trains," said Rod Doerr, superintendent - Los Angeles Service Unit. "They will very much want to get involved with moving the Big Boy. We look forward to being of service to Ed and the team."

No. 4014 will remain in Colton for a period of time, Dickens said. "So many people want to witness the historic nature of this project, so we're planning for the best weather possible, which looks toward spring." The continuation of the locomotive's move to Cheyenne is anticipated to take place in March 2014.

More details in the video, below. Keep watching for schedule and other information.