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Watering Down a Heat Wave

Posted August 2, 2013 08:42 AM CDT

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Troy Morris, UP roundhouse foreman, loading just a few of the 1000+ bottles of water donated to the Williams Family Services Center.

On the railroad, safety is the number one priority, and in the heat of the summer, safety includes proper hydration.

"Many Union Pacific employees work outdoors, and Phoenix temperatures can reach upwards of 110,” said Troy Morris, UP roundhouse foreman - Phoenix. “This can be a concern not only for our employees but also for members of our community.”

When the city of Phoenix initiated “Operation Hydration,” a call to the community to donate water to local family centers, Morris jumped into action, leading the effort to donate a pallet of water – the same water that is stocked on locomotives – to the Williams Family Services Center. The Williams Center provides a broad range of services to the community, promoting self-sufficiency for adults and families.

“I wish to thank Troy and Union Pacific Railroad for your generous water donation. This will be of great help to clients, residents and homeless families in our community. Our participants will benefit significantly,” said Lilly M. Perez, staffer at the center. “My sincere appreciation for your generosity.”