Union Pacific Launches Campaign to Honor Veterans Year-Round

Large Retina | Union Pacific employees who have served in the military

Several of Union Pacific's employees who have served, or currently serve, in the U.S. military stand before Union Pacific Center's new branch of service flags.

Union Pacific honors our nation’s heroes this Veterans Day with a new Union Pacific Center tradition: military service flag raising. Beginning this Veterans Day, Union Pacific will display flags for each branch of the United States Armed Forces on its corresponding founding birthday.

The railroad will also hoist the POW/MIA flag in September to honor the National Day of Recognition.

Few things hold the symbolism of a simple fabric flag hanging from a pole. Heralded flags are carried into battle and raised in victory, while white flags are raised in surrender. Flags signal communication, nationalities and belief systems. They are exalted in songs and laid to rest with heroes. Their meaning is so powerful, there is a term dedicated to this field of study: vexillology.

“Each service branch has its unique customs and history. Those who serve are proud of those distinctions and the role each played in protecting our nation,” said Jon Panzer, senior vice president-Intermodal Excellence, Operating, and UPVETS executive sponsor. “It is really part of our diversity story.”

“It’s heartening to work for a company that values our veterans. About 20% of Union Pacific employees have military experience,” said Aaron Dwuznik, manager, Loup Logistics, and UPVETS president. “I served 11 years in the Army and Air National Guard. I can’t wait to see my branch seals proudly displayed outside of UP Center.”

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