Courage to Care Personified During Roadside Emergency

Large | Derrick Beard and Lionel Nelson helped save a motorist.

From left, Derrick Beard and Lionel Nelson, detector car operators, go out of their way to help a motorist.

Displaying the Courage to Care spirit is not only for the workplace – it can also positively impact everyday life. This was the case for employees Derrick Beard and Lionel Nelson, detector car operators, while en route to a job site in Chicago.

While driving on Interstate 290, the two noticed a vehicle on the side of the road. The doors of the vehicle were open, and the driver appeared to be reviving a passenger on the ground.

As cars sped by, these Union Pacific employees knew the passenger needed help. Trained in CPR, the two backed their truck near the scene and prepared to assist in any way possible.

“I asked Lionel if he felt comfortable doing CPR,” Beard said. “And he said ‘Yes.’ It was like a movie. It was so unexpected; we couldn’t believe it. You never realize you could see something like that.”

As Beard and Nelson approached, they witnessed the driver of the vehicle giving the unconscious passenger mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Nelson promptly assisted with chest compressions while Beard dialed 911.

A normal skin color, pulse and audible breaths eventually returned thanks to the help of the detector car operators.

By virtue of Beard’s phone call, emergency medical services soon arrived, prompting the two to give the situation some space.

Kenya Terrell, senior supervisor, said it best: “I am proud to have these gentlemen be a part of my team.”

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