Union Pacific Safely Maintains Gulf Coast Operations Amid Severe Storms

UP train moving away from Houston, Texas, skyline. | L

Team UP quickly restored operations in the Houston area after severe weather hit the region.

Following severe storms from Houston to New Orleans, Union Pacific Railroad’s team worked diligently to quickly restore service after the region was hit with high winds, baseball-size hail and torrential rainfall. Due to the weather systems, the Gulf Coast area also experienced flash floods, downed trees and power lines.

“Rivers reached levels we haven’t seen since Hurricane Harvey in 2017,” said Eric Gehringer, executive vice president-Operations. “Team members from all areas of our operation stepped up to the plate, continuing to move freight along critical routes and ensuring equipment was at the ready.”

Members of the railroad's 24/7 command center coordinated preparations, analyzed train counts and determined detour routes to minimize service impacts. In all, Team UP unloaded 18,000 tons of ballast, raised 3.5 miles of track, installed 200 rail ties, tamped nearly 16,000 feet of rail, installed more than 75 generators and cleared more than 150 trees.

“Thank you, Team UP, for your tireless efforts to safely and quickly reroute traffic and restore rail operations,” Gehringer said.

Customers are encouraged to visit Union Pacific’s Flood Planning and Recovery page for more information regarding the railroad’s severe weather protocols. 

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