Additional Outages Impacting Western Region Operations

Announcement Number: CN2017-12
Categories: General Announcements
Posted Date: February 11, 2017

To Our Customers,

Operations between Sacramento and Stockton, California are currently out of service due to flooding conditions and other interruptions. While we are rerouting traffic when possible, customers with shipments traversing this area should expect delays between 48-72 hours. Customers may see their shipments on different routes as we divert traffic around the affected area.

As a follow-up to our Rail Operations announcement yesterday, we have included photos of the washouts and rocks slides between Oroville and Portola, California.

Thank you for your business and we appreciate your patience as we work to safely restore operations to these impacted areas. Please contact the National Customer Service Center or your Union Pacific representative with any questions.

Small | Western Region Flooding Pic_2-11-17

Small | Weather Flooding Pic 2_2-11-17