Update on Extreme Winter Weather Impacting Operations

Announcement Number: CN2021-10
Categories: General Announcements
Posted Date: February 14, 2021

To Our Customers,

Our rail network continues to feel the impact from the extreme winter weather and sub-zero temperatures.

  • In the Pacific Northwest, significant snow totals of two to four feet are expected to continue across the Cascades through Tuesday night. Freezing rain will also continue to impact the region.
  • Arctic temperatures in Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois are expected to continue through Tuesday. The Chicago area is forecast to receive up to another 12 inches of snow beginning tonight through Tuesday.
  • As a result of the dropping temperatures across the southern part of the network, widespread icing and snow conditions are being experienced as the system makes its way eastward. The highest icing totals are anticipated for northern Louisiana and southern Arkansas.
  • Additional storms are forecast to develop beginning late Tuesday moving over the northern part of Texas, portions of Missouri and Kansas, all of Arkansas and Illinois and the northern half of Louisiana. Snowfall totals may be as much as 6-12 inches, with additional icing in the impacted states.

We are experiencing road and interstate closures, impacting our ability to transport crews. Downed trees and power outages are also occurring in areas affected by the storm. Generators are being utilized in numerous locations until commercial power resumes.

Customers should anticipate delays of a minimum of 72 hours for shipments in the impacted areas until the severe weather subsides.

We remain focused on delivering your freight as quickly as possible. Equipment, resources and crews are positioned throughout our network to assist with recovery. A command center has been established with 24/7 coverage to assist in restoring service safely under these challenging conditions.