Embargo Issued Pending Canadian Pacific Work Stoppage

Announcement Number: CN2022-10
Categories: General Announcements
Posted Date: March 18, 2022

To Our Customers,

We have issued Embargo UP027122 for the Eastport/Kingsgate gateway pending a Canadian Pacific (CPRS) work stoppage. Embargo UP027122 covers:

  • Bi-directional (North and South)
  • All STCCs
  • All car types
  • Empty cars
  • All customers

Additionally, we issued a Temporary Ingate Suspension for All Intermodal Shipments Destined to Canadian Pacific, please refer to our announcement earlier this morning. Please refer to Canadian Pacific communications on lockout and potential work stoppage commencing March 20, 2022, for additional information.

We will adjust the Union Pacific embargo and Ingate Suspension as needed until the CPRS work stoppage is resolved.

For additional updates, please monitor the Railinc AAR Embargo System (Enter "CPRS" or “UP” in Issuing Roads field for corresponding embargoes).

Please contact Customer Care & Support or your Union Pacific representative with questions.