2022 Update on Carta Porte Requirements for Mexico Shipments

Announcement Number: CN2022-13
Categories: General Announcements
Posted Date: March 29, 2022

To Our Customers,

Per the Mexican Tax Authority, Carta Porte is a mandatory requirement for all shipments moving into, out of or within Mexico since January 1, 2022. Shipments that do not comply with the Carta Porte requirements, will be subject to penalties from the Mexican Government.

However, the Mexican Government has extended a “grace period” with no penalties related to incorrect or missing information pertaining to the Carta Porte requirement until September 30, 2022, from its original timeline of March 31, 2022.

In the latest Carta Porte EDI version, customers shipping into or out of Mexico will be required to add a 24/7 point of contact when documenting a car. This is important as the railroads will require immediate response from the shipper if there is an issue with the Carta Porte information.

Union Pacific is adding Carta Porte verification to our waybilling system. These changes will restrict the waybills from processing if the Carta Porte information does not follow the EDI guidelines. We will update you once the implementation date is confirmed.

Online Reference Tools
The Carta Porte Overview and FAQ documents reflect the most recent changes:

If you have additional questions, please email cartaporte@up.com for assistance.