Account on the Web: Dispute Feature

Announcement Number: IM2013-58
Categories: Streamline Door to Door
Posted Date: January 30, 2013


In our continuing efforts to be the most efficient intermodal option available, Streamline has enhanced its online dispute feature within its Account on the Web (AOW) system to assist you in logging and monitoring invoice disputes. Our goal is to quickly identify invoice discrepancies and resolve not only a problem with a single invoice, but to use this data to improve invoice accuracy and timeliness.

Effectively immediately, Invoice disputes should be addressed using our Account on the Web system. This process provides a central location to log all dispute activity, allowing both companies easier access to history and quicker resolution. This system will also be used to identify repetitive issues for process improvement. For these reasons, disputes via email can no longer be accepted.

To begin using AOW, login using your Union Pacific user ID by selecting "Pay" from the Customers menu at For your reference, a tutorial on how to dispute invoices via AOW has been provided below. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Streamline finance department at

AOW Tutorial

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