Chicago Global 2 Expansion, Upgrade, and Global 1 Consolidation

Announcement Number: PR2023-54
Categories: Domestic Intermodal Terminals,All Premium
Posted Date: May 15, 2023

To Our Domestic Intermodal Customers:

Union Pacific has invested more than $150 million in the expansion and upgrade of our Chicago Global 2 intermodal terminal facility, in Chicago (Northlake), Illinois. As a result of these investments Global 1 operations will be consolidated into the Global 2 operation on June 19, 2023.

Global 2 investments include:

  • Increased total throughput lift capability by 95% (almost double)
  • Increased paved parking by 160% (more than 2.5 times)
  • Increased ramp staffing by 20%
  • Increased working track by 80%
  • Purchased 6 new cranes, 3 of which are hybrid battery electric
  • New and larger automated outgate off Wolf Road and Lake Street
  • Expanded UPGo by 50% (2-more lanes) at outgate, and by 33% (1-more lane) at ingate
  • Going live with world class technology in Precision Gate (PGT) prior to consolidation

For your advance planning:

  • Last ingates at Global 1 for Denver, Colorado and City of Industry, California will be 20:00 CT Sunday, June 18, 2023. Thereafter, all ingates should be directed to Global 2.
  • Effective 00:00 PT Wednesday, June 14, 2023, please begin waybilling shipments originating at our City of Industry intermodal terminal for Global 1 to Global 2.

We are confident that the advantages of this consolidation will result in a positive customer experience through efficiency in drayage management, balance of assets, and simplicity in logistics planning.

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