Connect Your Business to Rail

Our team of regional experts provide guidance and rail project management for businesses wanting to build, expand or find a rail-served site on Union Pacific.

Utilize Existing Site

Process Takes 3+ Months
  • Use a facility previously rail served, may require track work to become operational.
  • Identify existing track or request to lease Union Pacific track.

Build from Scratch

Process Takes 9-18+ Months
  • Start from scratch and custom build track and facility.
  • Locate in an industrial park or greenfield site.

Multi-Modal Railport

Ready to Access Now
  • Ship by train, without being rail-served.
  • Wide array of commodities can be transferred from trucks to trains.

Suitable Site - 6,000+ Available

Focus Site - 25+ Available

  • Rail design approved by Union Pacific.
  • Large-scale development areas generally 125+ acres.
  • Utilities and roads accessible to site.
  • See our Focus Sites now.

Loup Railports - 700+ Available

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