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Looking for a little logistics inspiration? These six logistics magazines can help you keep up on the latest trends.

Are you looking for the latest logistics solutions? Want to stay on top of logistics and supply chain management trends? Looking to improve your approach to logistics planning? If you’re seeking any of these or even just a little logistics inspiration, these top logistics magazines may have just what you need.

Logistics Management

If you’re a logistics, transportation or distribution professional, Logistics Management is your source for the latest industry news and information. Topics include:

  • supply chain best practices
  • freight transportation management
  • third party logistics
  • global logistics and supply chain management
  • logistics and supply chain management software
  • warehouse and distribution operations

Logistics Management has been serving the needs of executives, managers and other professionals in the field of logistics and supply chain management since 1962.

Inbound Logistics

When Inbound Logistics published its first issue back in 1981, the term “supply chain” didn’t even exist. Back then, the ideas they espoused — realigning business by better matching supply to demand, and speeding and reducing inventory — weren’t commonplace. Over time, the magazine has helped reinvent supply chain processes and transform business logistics managers’ approach to operations. Today, the publication’s mission is to “help an ever expanding audience of best logistics practitioners better align supply to demand and maximize corporate value.”


FreightWaves is the place to go for near-time analytics on the state of the freight market. Their news focuses on “economic and innovative technology drivers for the freight transportation ecosystem.” FreightWaves approaches news from an economic standpoint, looking at the impacts and outcomes that are driven by new technology, innovation and the evolution of the freight industry.

If reading isn’t your thing or you want freight, transportation and logistics news on the go, FreightWaves also offers podcasts, FreightWaves Radio and even a TV station, all available in the “Resources” section of their website.

DC Velocity

Logistics and supply chain managers and executives can expect DC Velocity to provide comprehensive coverage of logistics topics, including:

  • internal logistics within a distribution center or warehouse
  • external logistics relating to the transport of goods and freight
  • information technologies that support and integrate the two
  • strategies that optimize logistics

The publication’s goal is to provide this information so companies can gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Food Logistics

Food Logistics is exclusively dedicated to covering the global food supply chain, including news, trends and best practices. Topics include:

  • transportation and logistics
  • warehousing
  • sustainability
  • software and technology
  • cold chain
  • food safety and security

The magazine’s website also offers exclusive content, including webinars, the Today's News eNewsletter, and a list of upcoming industry events.

Transport Topics

Total disclosure: Transport Topics isn’t a magazine. But it is a weekly newspaper dedicated to covering the trucking and freight transportation industries. And for us, that’s enough to land it on our list. Each week you can expect news on trucking, logistics and intermodal operations.

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