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Supply chain management is always evolving. How do you stay on top of the trends? These 8 top supply chain publications can help. 

What is the best way to manage a supply chain? It would be great if there were a simple answer, but supply chain management is more complicated than that. There are lots of ways to manage a supply chain – and those approaches continually change as new supply chain management trends emerge.

How can you stay on top of supply chain news and trends – and make sure your supply chain is the best it can be? These eight great supply chain magazines and publications and their supply chain management articles can help. The supply chain publications that follow are the definitive sources of information about supply chain news, freight shipping, transportation trends, procurement, rail shipping, transportation and logistics software and technology, warehousing and more.

1. Supply Chain Quarterly

Supply Chain Quarterly gives supply chain decision makers business intelligence on all aspects of the global supply chain, including:

  • product design
  • procurement
  • manufacturing
  • finance
  • logistics news
  • warehousing
  • transportation trends
  • human resources
  • information technology
  • consumer/customer demand

Supply Chain Quarterly aims to provide thought leadership on international and domestic supply chain operations and features contributors like leading supply chain practitioners, academics, and consultants.

2. Supply Chain Digest

For supply chain management and logistics news, insight, opinion and education, check out Supply Chain Digest. Each week, they summarize and synthesize important information for busy supply chain and logistics professionals. How do they find it? By reviewing hundreds of news articles, research reports, analyst opinions and other news sources. Then, they add expert commentary that puts the news in context, so you get insight into the issues and trends that matter.

If you’re looking for something short and sweet, Supply Chain Digests’ “Supply Chain News Bites” feature summarizes important news in just a few paragraphs, so you can stay up-to-speed on supply chain management and logistics topics in just a few minutes.

3. Supply Chain Dive

Supply Chain Dive delivers coverage of the most impactful news and trends shaping supply chain management, taking deep dives and offering opinions on topics like:

  • logistics
  • freight
  • supply chain operations
  • procurement
  • regulation
  • technology
  • risk/resilience
  • and more

Visit the “Data” section of their website for monthly transportation and supply chain trends and the “Library” section for industry research and insights.

4. Supply Chain Digital

Between its website, weekly email newsletter and monthly magazine, Supply Chain Digital helps supply chain executives learn how the experts are navigating the changing face of global supply chain, logistics, purchasing and procurement. Supply Chain Digital offers readers the latest news, feature articles, keynote interviews and insights about the role procurement, supply chain and logistics play in the world's largest companies. They also feature interviews with industry insiders on:

  • procurement transformation
  • supply chain logistics
  • digital supply chain
  • data analytics
  • SRM
  • contract management
  • risk management
  • RPA

Always focused on digital transformation, Supply Chain Digital also shares the individual transformation journeys of top Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) and Procurement & Supply Chain Executives.

5. Supply Chain Management Review

Following the lead of Harvard Business Review, Supply Chain Management Review articles are written by business school professors, supply chain management practitioners and industry analysts. Topics include:

  • sourcing and procurement
  • shipping software and technology
  • rail logistics
  • transportation trends
  • supply chain education
  • and more supply chain related topics

Readers can also learn best practices from Supply Chain Management Review’s numerous case studies, featuring some of the nation’s top companies.

6. SupplyChainBrain

For more than 20 years, SupplyChainBrain has reported on issues and applications related to logistics and the supply chain. The publication aims to help high-level executives address concerns related to strategic issues like:

  • managing risk
  • aligning the supply chain with corporate planning
  • achieving a competitive advantage
  • balancing customer demands while controlling costs
  • improving the bottom line

SupplyChainBrain addresses the fundamental principles of supply chain management, while also identifying emerging trends, technologies and best practices.

7. Supply & Demand Chain Executive

Supply & Demand Chain Executive provides solutions-based editorial, shipping industry news, research and learning tools for the supply and demand chain industry.

Whether you’re an executive at a manufacturing or non-manufacturing company or a public sector agency, four times a year Supply & Demand Chain Executive prints pages of solutions and services for improving your supply chain operations and efficiencies.

8. Modern Materials Handling

The history of Modern Materials Handling dates back to 1946. Since then, the publication has provided comprehensive coverage of productivity solutions for materials handling professionals in distribution, warehousing and manufacturing. If you’re looking for coverage of the movement, storage, control and protection of products throughout the supply chain from raw materials to the end-user, Modern Materials Handling has it.

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