Quiz: The Top Products Trains Ship to Mexico

Take your guess at which products railroads ship most often from the United States to Mexico

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Can you guess which products Union Pacific Railroad ships to Mexico? Take the quiz to find out!

Every day, railroads ship massive amounts of freight between the United States and Mexico. In March of 2023, railways moved $18.6 billion of freight across the border.

The products railroads ship from the U.S. to Mexico can range from large amounts of tiny grains to exceptionally heavy sheets of metal. But can you guess which products Union Pacific ships most often to our neighbors in the south? Click "Start Now" below to take the quiz and find out!

Did You Know…

  • Trains can ship freight through six major gateways on the US-Mexico border: Brownsville, Calexico, Eagle Pass, El Paso, Laredo and Nogales. Of those six, Laredo is the busiest: An average of 23 to 24 trains cross the border through the Laredo gateway daily. On average, one rail car can haul the same amount of freight as 3-4 trucks, and one train can haul about the same amount of freight as 300 trucks. That means it would take about 7,200 trucks to haul the same amount of freight trains ship every day at the Laredo gateway alone.
  • Recently, Union Pacific Railroad completed a $90 million expansion of the Port Laredo intermodal facility. The railroad also improved three main line sidings along direct gateway routes to Mexico. These improvements will help keep both rail and truck traffic moving smoothly through the busy Laredo gateway.
  • Union Pacific is the only Class I railroad that serves all six major gateways to Mexico and connects with the two largest Mexican railroads: Ferromex (GMXT) and Canadian Pacific Kansas City (CPKC). This makes Union Pacific the leading rail provider to and from the U.S./Mexico border.
  • Mexico shipments comprise about 10% of Union Pacific’s total volume. To support Union Pacific’s Mexico shipping services, the railroad employs a team of bilingual experts with expertise in international freight handling, border processes and Mexico rail systems.

Why Ship Freight to Mexico by Rail?

  • It’s the most environmentally responsible way to ship freight over land. On average, U.S freight railroads can move one ton of freight nearly 500 miles on a single gallon of diesel fuel, generating a carbon footprint that is 75% less than trucks.
  • It’s cost effective. Rail typically offers a lower cost per ton mile than truck.
  • You can ship almost anything by rail. From raw materials to component parts to finished goods – just not personal property, passengers, pets or other living things.
  • You can ship almost anywhere. You can ship products by rail pretty much anywhere in North America. Between the major railroads in Canada, the United States and Mexico and smaller railroads in between, railroad tracks span the continent. Factor in ocean carriers and you can use rail to ship to virtually any destination worldwide. Although rail is the most efficient way to ship long distances, trains can also accommodate short-haul moves.
  • You can ship large volumes with ease. One rail car can carry the same amount of cargo as 3-4 trucks. When you ship with rail, you're managing fewer shipments and gaining supply chain efficiencies. Not shipping that much? Sometimes railroads can handle "less-than-truckload" shipments.
  • You don’t need tracks. Even if you or your customers don't have tracks, you can still take advantage of the safety, environmental and economic benefits of rail thanks to a process called transloading. If you need to connect to rail, logistics companies like Loup Logistics can help. Loup can also provide logistics visibility to your rail shipments.

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