Common Unionization Questions

* If we unionize, I have heard that from others that we are guaranteed to have the same benefits that other Union Train Dispatchers have, is that true?

No. There are no guarantees as to wages, benefits, and work rules. We will start with a clean slate and negotiate the applicable terms for dispatchers. There is no guarantee that what is ultimately negotiated will be the same as another railroad, as UP would not be obligated to follow any other railroad CBA with unionized dispatchers.

* EXAMPLE: I am looking to retire at age 55 - currently I’m 48 and am vested. What would happen to my pension if we became part of a Union?

The Union Pacific pension plan is a management benefit, and there are no agreement professionals that are eligible to participate. If you went union, the pension plan benefits you have accrued as management may be significantly reduced. 

* Would going union provide job security? How does seniority work?

The majority of collective bargaining agreements are seniority based, meaning the time in the position. For example, in instances of force reduction, employees with the least seniority are usually furloughed first and recall may be in reverse seniority order. Typically, assuming an employee is qualified, employees with the most seniority have preference to more desirable jobs/territories, preferred shifts, rest days, vacation and personal leave scheduling, holiday coverage, and overtime eligibility.

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