Key Contacts

Union Pacific Contacts

Workforce Shared Services

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Other Contacts

Railroad Retirement Board: (877) 772-5772

  • Administering retirement/survivor and unemployment/sickness benefit programs for railroad workers and their families
  • Supplemental Sickness Benefits

– Aetna Life Insurance Co. for MoW, Shop Craft and ARASA Employees (800) 205-7651

– Trustmark for Yardmasters (800) 504-9052

The Supplemental Sickness Benefit (SSB) Plans for MoW, Shop Craft and ARASA Employees states that plan participants have 60 days from the date their disability begins to provide notice of disability to the plan administrator.

National Health and Welfare Plan: (800) 753-2692

  • Administered by United Healthcare

Union Pacific Railroad Employes Health Systems: (800) 547-0421

  • Serving the needs of our members and providing the best in medical coverage has always been a top priority at UPREHS.

MetLife (Nonagreement Only): (888) 777-6806

  • MetLife is the short-term disability benefit administrator for nonagreement employees who are off of work more than 4 consecutive days due to accident or illness.