Restricted Prescription Medications

To further promote safety through Fitness-for-Duty, Union Pacific is publishing a list of restricted prescription drugs for employees in safety related jobs. Work restrictions are currently applied to ensure these employees are not impaired by prescription drugs that pose safety risks for themselves or others.

Employees in the following groups are covered by this prescription drug restriction:

  • Operating field employees
  • Supply field employees
  • Telecom employees
  • Train Dispatchers

It is the responsibility of all employees to report for work fit for duty to safely perform their job. At this time, employees are not required to report the use of these restricted prescription drugs, but that may change in the future.

Drugs listed are restricted due to documented significant impairment that lasts for a prolonged period. Employees should discuss their prescription drugs with their physician and begin to transition safely from any restricted prescription drug to a safer alternative medication. Employees should also be aware that UP may update this list in the future.