How Can EAP Help Me?

No matter what your situation, the EAP Helpline can provide you with resources to help manage personal and emotional issues. 

Confidentially call the National Employee Assistance Helpline 800-779-1212 (24 hours a day, seven days a week)

Stress Management

We all have stress in our lives but sometimes the pressure of daily life can overwhelm us. Illness, sleep, diet and energy problems can be signs that we need support to better cope with the everyday challenges of our daily life at work and home.

Emotional Difficulties, Depression and Anxiety

All of us experience the normal ups and downs of life. Sometimes though things like persistent sadness, worry, moodiness and agitation just won't go away. When this happens to you or a loved one it is time to call for support and resources. Counseling can be an enormous benefit for these types of problems.

Marital, Family and Relationship Issues

We all need to connect with others but sometimes those connections don't meet our expectations. Conflict in relationships can bring self-doubt and blame. When relationships aren't working, it can be time to get support and a fresh perspective to make a valued relationship thrive again.

Substance Abuse Issues (Alcohol and Chemical Dependency Problems) 

Alcohol and Drug problems can affect people at any age. Left unattended, substance abuse problems can cause serious health problems, destroy relationships and compromise safety.

Death and Other Loss

Death and loss are a normal part of life but that doesn't make dealing with loss easy. When loss occurs each of us experiences it in our own way. Getting the right help at the right time to get through a painful loss of any type can be a source of comfort.

Work Related Problems

Workplace problems are varied and can stem from a variety of sources. Conflicting personalities and differing work styles can sometimes clash and result in strife.


The responsibility of raising healthy, happy, well-adjusted kids can sometimes feel overwhelming for parents. It’s ok to seek help to navigate difficulties that today's parents encounter and learn some skills on how to handle them.

Recovery Assistance Following a Traumatic Event

A traumatic event can lead to overwhelming emotions that make it difficult for a person to function in all areas of life, including relationships, work, spirituality, and more.