Meet Your EAP Managers

Our highly qualified and experienced EAP Managers are located throughout the UP system and understand the lifestyle of railroaders.

Please Note - the first step to talk to EAP is through the EAP Helpline. 

Confidentially call the National Employee Assistance Helpline: 800-779-1212
24 hours a day, seven days a week

UP employees can contact their local EAP managers should they have any questions regarding services available for their family members.

EAP Managers

  • Northern Region TE&Y, (Nonagreement) Omaha Headquarters, Harriman Dispatch Center, Short Term Disability

    Shellie Hegge-Gomes, LIMHP, LPC

    EAP Manager

    Phone: 402-544-8324 or 866-897-8501

  • Southern Region TE&Y, Alton & Southern Railway, PTRA

    Tom Reimers, LPC, CEAP

    EAP Manager

    Phone: 281-350-7137 or 800-877-5813

  • Engineering, Mechanical and Clerical

    Rachael Patterson, LMSW

    EAP Manager

    Phone: 402-215-1295