What’s It Take to Run a Railroad?

By Clarissa Beyah, Chief Communications Officer-Union Pacific

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Crew change at the Santa Teresa Intermodal Facility.

Executive blogs have been around literally for decades, so the news that Union Pacific is launching a blog as part of its Inside Track publication hardly seems exciting.

The difference with our blog, though, is who’s writing it. It takes a lot of people to run a railroad, from the person pulling the throttle on a massive 4,400 hp locomotive to the mechanics who keep that locomotive running to the engineering employees who keep the track and ties that train is rolling on safe and sound.

And there are also sales people making sure our customers are getting what they need to make their businesses successful. And tech folks, finance experts, human resource professionals.

And, oh yeah, there are plenty of executives, too. But leadership comes from all directions at Union Pacific, and our new Insights blog captures those leaders’ visions while telling stories about innovation, industry trends and the grit and wit it takes to run a 160-year-old company.

The world is transforming. That transformation is impossible without transportation— the movement of thought into action, and action into traction. Perhaps the past is your past-time— learning about the history and shaping of our nation. Maybe you have an ear for innovation, for knowing how big things and ideas move forward — from the inside. If it’s a compulsion for propulsion you’re hungry to satiate, you’ve come to the right space.

Our hard-working railroaders will share their passion for the work they do, the communities we serve, and the tracks we take to continue moving forward.

As our storytellers prepare their pens to bring you in, take a moment to peruse some of the great Inside Track content you may have missed, stories about:

What’s it take to run a railroad? It takes a lot of people who are the best at what they do. Read about them in Inside Track, and welcome to our blog.

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