Critical Goods Shipped by Rail during the COVID-19 Pandemic

From cleaning supplies to the food we eat, railroads are transporting essential goods to help keep America moving

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Railroads are delivering a wide variety of essential items to help stop the spread of COVID-19. For a rundown of the critical goods that ride the rails, check out our infographic.


Railroads support the nation in delivering critical resources to help ensure the health and safety of communities during COVID-19. From the medical supplies hospitals need to the cleaning products we use to disinfect our homes to the food we eat, check out our handy infographic for a rundown of the essential goods railroads are transporting to help fight the pandemic. Or view the detailed list of goods below.

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Critical goods shipped by rail during the COVID-19 pandemic include:


  • Fertilizer for growing crops
  • Grain and corn for cattle feed
  • Wheat used by bakeries to make bread and pasta
  • Food products, including canned and boxed goods, rice, potatoes, onions, orange juice, flour and sugar
  • Pet food


  • Chemicals for medicines and food packaging
  • Alcohol used for hand sanitizer
  • Chlorine-based disinfectants for treating water
  • Soda ash used in producing soap and detergents
  • Industrial chemicals used to manufacture cleaners and disinfectants, including bleach
  • Plastics used in medical supplies, including test kits, medical gowns, and components of surgical masks, gloves, syringes, IV bags and tubes


  • Energy products for generating electricity
  • Oil for heating and propane gas for cooking


  • Medical supplies, including IV bags, gloves and masks
  • Goods we use every day, such as cleaning supplies, clothing and electronics
  • Paper products, including the raw materials to make facial tissue, paper towels and toilet paper
  • Containerboard for boxes used to ship food and online orders

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