Are You a Fan of Football Parties? Rail Helps Deliver the Fun.

Learn how trains play a role in your festivities.


Kick off your football party with goods delivered by rail. Watch the video to learn how!


From the first college football game in the fall all the way to the big NFL game in February, football is a perfect reason to get the gang together. If you’re a fan of football parties, you might be interested to know that trains play a part in the festivities. Here’s how trains deliver the fun (don't miss the video below!).

  • Grilling — Trains may have delivered your meat and potatoes.
  • Nacho Bars — Those delicious fixins’, including the chips, beans, queso and avocados for guacamole, can ride the rails.
  • Snacks — The popcorn and peanuts you’re nervously crunching on in hopes of a win may have traveled by train.
  • Beverages — Everyone knows you can’t have a party without drinks. You may want to toast the railroad for moving beer, wine and soda.
  • The Extras — Not as delicious but still important, the railroad also delivers the extras, like paper plates, napkins and maybe even that jersey you’ll be wearing.

When it comes to supporting your football party, rail scores a touchdown!

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