Happy “Haul-o-ween”

It’s no trick; trains help deliver Halloween treats.


Find out how trains deliver treats on Halloween.

Trick or treating. Costumes. Candy. We all know you can’t have Halloween without them. But did you know trains help deliver the goods for these holiday staples?

Trains ship:

  • Sugar, corn syrup, chocolate, peanuts, rice – all the delicious things used to make your favorite candy
  • Paper for candy wrappers
  • Ingredients for candy apples, candy bars and candy corn
  • Plastic pellets melted down to become pumpkin pails
  • Materials used to make costumes
  • Tennis shoes for pounding the pavement
  • Flashlights for safety
  • Beer, wine and spirits for adult fun

If you think these items ship in small quantities, you’ve been tricked. Each year, Union Pacific Railroad ships about 200 million pounds of chocolate and about 2.7 billion pounds of raw sugar. That’s enough chocolate to give every person in the U.S. five snack-size chocolate bars on Halloween…and enough sugar to give a million people a fun size candy pack every day for life! So when it comes to Halloween, rail is most certainly a treat.

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