19 Pet Names for Rail Fans and Transportation Lovers

Fun names for your furry friends inspired by the shipping industry

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Looking for a transportation-inspired pet name? These 19 ideas are perfect for fans of trucks, trains, shipping, and logistics.

We all love our pets. Some of us also love transportation. And then there are those of us who love both. If you fall into this category, these transportation inspired pet names could give your furry (or scaly or feathered) friend a name that represents both of your passions.

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1. Cargo


In transportation, cargo refers to the goods being carried by plane, train, truck or barge. What kind of pet could pull off this name? A St. Bernard, known for toting a barrel around its neck, could carry it with pride.

2. Hopper


Although this term refers to a rail car that’s perfectly suited for hauling bulk materials (whether open-top or covered), we think it’s also perfectly suited for hoppers of the cotton-tailed variety.


3. Chassis


The word chassis (pronounced chass-ee) refers to the base frame of a truck, but we think it sounds sweet, sassy and feminine — perfect for an adorable (and maybe a little ornery?) kitten.

4. Signal


Whether on roadways, runways or railways, signals ensure everyone is heading in the right direction — much like hunting dogs strike a pose to point their masters in the right direction. Traditional pointers include the English Setter, Gordon Setter, Irish Red and White Setter, Irish Setter, German Shorthaired Pointer and the English Pointer, all of which could pull off a name like Signal.

5. Harriman


E.H. Harriman was a railroad magnate whose name lives on through Union Pacific Railroad’s Harriman Dispatching Center. A successful businessman, Harriman’s name would be fitting of any pet who exudes confidence, strength and wisdom.

6. Pullman


George Pullman was an American engineer and industrialist responsible for the design and manufacturing of the Pullman sleeping car. Seeing as how he helped rail passengers travel more comfortably, his name would wear well on your household’s master of catnaps.

7. Cab


This transportation term refers to the cab of a truck, but if your pet is a showboat, it can double as a reference to Cab Colloway, the American jazz singer, dancer, and bandleader known for being an energetic showman. So if you find your pet highly entertaining, Cab is a fab choice.

8. Diesel


Have an energetic hamster with a seemingly endless source of energy? Name it after the fuel that powers trucks, locomotives and more.

9. Axle


Axles are the rods around which wheels revolve. If your whole world revolves around your pet, Axle could be a perfect metaphor for the love of your favorite buddy.

10. Lading


You’ve heard the pet name “Lady” plenty of times. Why not put a transportation twist on it? “Lading” refers to the action or process of loading cargo. If you’re a fan of saddling up, perhaps this an apt name for your most precious pony.

11. Dot


Are you into transportation, acronyms AND precious pet names? Try Dot (aka DOT, the acronym for Department of Transportation). It works perfectly for your speckled and polka-dotted friends.

12. Poe


Are you into transportation, acronyms AND literature? Try Poe (aka POE, Port of Entry). It would be a suitable choice for any pet with an air of darkness or mystery.

13. Vin


Are you into transportation, acronyms AND cars? Try Vin (aka VIN, Vehicle Identification Number). And if you happen to like a certain actor who starred in a series of movies about fast cars, this is an even better fit. We think it sounds pretty tough!

14. Rig


Is your pet built like a truck? Name it what truckers lovingly call their tractor-trailers.

15. Doodlebug


What the heck is a doodlebug?! It’s an old school, self-propelled rail car. It’s also a great name for a cute, little button of a pet.

16. Manifest


A manifest train carries all different sorts of freight on a variety of rail car types. If your pet’s coloring has a little bit of everything, manifest is a great fit. Plus, your pet can have a distinguished, proper name (“Manifest”) and a wonderfully cute nickname (“Manny”).

17. Spike


The driving of the Golden Spike is a major milestone in railroad history, as it marks the beginning of the first transcontinental railroad across the United States. Honor it by giving your pet this classic name.

18. Gantry


Gantry cranes are used to load and unload container ships. Borrow the name “Gantry” and you’ll have a sophisticated sounding — and original — name for your pet.

19. Switch


Switches allow trains to change tracks, but they also remind us of the delightful wagging of a shaggy tail. If your pet displays a fantastic swish and sway at the sight of you, the name Switch will be an everyday reminder of this sign of its love.

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