Track Record’s Top Stories of 2023: Nos. 1-5

Let’s countdown to the most popular article of the year.

Track Record Top Stories 5-1 | LR

Track Record is your source for ideas to improve transportation performance. We’re here to share logistics tips, tricks and insights. So, which articles did readers find the most helpful?

Last week, we shared the first half of the 10 most popular articles this year. Now, we’re revealing the fan favorites. Keep scrolling to read the Top 5 most-read articles of 2023.

No. 5

UP: Is the EV Battery Supply Chain Ready for the Approaching Demand? 

MAIN EV Battery Supply Chain

Learn about each step in the lithium-ion battery supply chain and how the various elements that go into EV batteries are shipped.

No. 4

UP: Quiz: The Top Products Trains Ship to Mexico

MAIN Mexico SB Quiz

Can you guess which products Union Pacific Railroad ships to Mexico? Take the quiz to find out!

No. 3

UP: Rail Shipping Steps: #1 Answer These 7 Questions About Your Shipment

MAIN Rail Shipping Steps Part 1

Learn the first things to consider before shipping by rail.

No. 2

UP: How to Ship Lumber, Wood Products & Building Materials | Rail vs Truck Shipping

MAIN How to Ship Lumber

What's the best way to ship lumber? Compare trucks and trains in the areas of volume, loading, transit time, cost and environmental impact.

No. 1

UP: From Steam to Green: The History and Evolution of Locomotives

MAIN 2023 Steam to Green Locomotives

Locomotives have come a long way since their inception. See how they've evolved from early steam-powered models to the green powerhouses they are today.

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