Staying at Home with Your Kids? Rail Resources to the Rescue

Seven sources of fun and education to keep kids busy during COVID-19

Railroad Fun for Kids MAIN

Learning can be fun with these seven railroad learning resources.

Nearly overnight, COVID-19 has turned many parents into homeschoolers and full-time care providers. If you’re looking for fun, new ways to educate your kids (or simply just keep them entertained), these resources can help kids learn about — and have fun with! — the railroad.

Union Pacific Coloring Book

The Union Pacific Coloring Book shares fun facts about the railroad and provides 11 full-size pictures for kids to color, featuring locomotives, landscapes, animals and even teddy bears. Just print the PDF to get started!

Union Pacific Museum Teacher Resources

The Union Pacific Railroad Museum offers downloadable toolkits with information and images from its collection. Although originally intended for teachers, they work for parents, too! These include:

  • The Great Race to Promontory – Read the story of the first American transcontinental railroad, complete with historical photos.
  • Standard Time – Learn how railroads in the United States and Canada implemented a system of times and time zones and get related activities by grade level for K-8th grade students.

Durham Museum Learning at Home and Livestream Field Trips

The Durham Museum, which is located in a former railroad station, offers livestream field trips as well as no-cost digital learning programs. These interactive classes follow National and State Social Studies Standards and feature artifacts, videos and photographs.

National Railroad Museum Activity Zone

The National Railroad Museum Activity Zone has activities for all ages, like coloring and counting to science and math. Don’t’ forget to scroll down to get links to Virtual Storytime with Engineer Alyssa and see episodes of Mr. Bob’s Railroad Workbench.

NEA Transcontinental Telegraph and Railroad Lessons Plans

The National Education Association Transcontinental Telegraph and Railroad page offers resources to teach kids in grades K-5 about the transcontinental railroad and telegraph. These include:

Operation Lifesaver Resources for Kids

Help kids learn about railroad safety with Operation Lifesaver’s activities for kids, which are sorted by grade level:

Operation Lifesaver Resources for Teachers (and Parents!)

Operation Lifesaver Teachers page offers teachers and parents lesson plans to help students from Pre-K through High School stay safe.


Kindergarten - 5th Grade

6th Grade - 8th Grade

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Looking for more railroad fun? Check out our fun section, where you can even find out if you’re a rail fan. If you have questions about the railroad or rail safety, give us a shout.

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