Thanksgiving Traditions Delivered by Rail

Before arriving at your table, your Thanksgiving feast (and more!) may have traveled by train.


Give thanks to the railroad for delivering your favorite Thanksgiving traditions.

When you sit down to Thanksgiving dinner, consider giving thanks to the railroad. That’s because many of the items that make up your Thanksgiving traditions probably traveled by train before arriving to your table (don't miss the video below!).

Trains ship:

  • Material and fibers used to make the tablecloths and napkins dressing your dinner table
  • Protein, like the Thanksgiving turkey that’s the star of your meal
  • Salt to brine your turkey (if that’s how you roll!)
  • Potatoes, whether you eat them mashed or roasted (and cheese if au gratin is your preference!)
  • Flour and broth to make gravy
  • Canned goods, like cranberry sauce, pumpkin puree for pie and cream of mushroom soup for green bean casserole
  • Wheat and flour used in making dinner rolls, stuffing and pie crust
  • Apples and other fruits to fill those crusts
  • Wine for toasting to what you’re thankful for
  • Televisions to watch your favorite Thanksgiving Day football match up.

When it comes to Thanksgiving, we are most certainly thankful for rail!

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