Track Record’s Top Stories of 2022: #10-#6

Take a look back at the most popular Track Record articles of the year

10-6 Top Stories 2022 MAIN

Part one of the 10 most popular transportation and logistics articles of the year

As 2022 comes to a close, we’re looking back at the articles that resonated most with readers this past year. This week, we’re revealing the first half of the 10 most popular articles of the year. Stay tuned to see the top five reader favorites next week.

Without further ado, here are the most read Track Record stories of 2022: #10-#6.


A History of Black Leaders in Transportation

Black Transportation Leaders MAIN

Read the stories of six Black men and women who made their mark on transportation history. 


Electric Locomotives: The Latest Step to Cut Freight Rail GHG Emissions

TR Battery Electric Locomotives MAIN

Battery-electric locomotives are poised to be an additional technology to help the railroad industry achieve net-zero emission operations. Union Pacific’s purchase of 20 battery-powered electric engines is an investment in cutting GHG emissions and addressing climate change. Read more.


How Are Locomotives Getting More Fuel Efficient for the Railroad Industry?

Locomotive Fuel Efficiency MAIN

Get a rundown of the technology railroads are leveraging to make them an even more environmentally responsible transportation solution than they already are today.


What Is “Driver Experience” and Why Does it Matter for Freight Shipping?

Driver Experience MAIN

Improving the experience drivers have at intermodal ramps is a win for driver retention, intermodal transportation and supply chain fluidity. Learn why.


What Is a Flatcar Rail Car?

What Is a Flatcar MAIN

Everything you want to know about the rail equipment used to ship military equipment, farm equipment, construction equipment, pipe, steel beams, wood products and more.

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