Track Record’s Top Stories of 2021: #5-#1

A countdown to readers’ favorite article of the year

MAIN Top 5-1 Articles of 2021

The top five articles of the year

Track Record is here to provide transportation and logistics tips, tricks and insights. But which articles did readers find the most helpful?

Last week, we revealed the first half of the 10 most popular articles of the year. Now, we’re down to the indisputable fan favorites. Keep scrolling to see the #5-1 most-read articles of 2021.


What Is a Rail Tank Car?

Original | What Is a Rail Tank Car?

Get an in-depth look at the rail equipment used in the transportation of liquid commodities, like chemicals, molasses, edible tallow, water and diesel fuel.


How to Access the Mexico LPG Market


Rail, truck or pipeline: Find out which mode is best for shipping Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) to Mexico.


Can You Ship Wind Turbines by Train?

Original | Can You Ship Wind Turbines by Train

Learn how railroads are playing a major role in growing the wind energy market.


What Is a Refrigerated Boxcar — and How Do They Keep Shipments Cold?

Original | What Is a Refrigerated Boxcar

Learn why food shippers rely on state-of-the-art refrigerated rail cars to transport perishable goods.


Quiz: Which of These Surprising Things Ship by Rail?

Surprising Things Quiz MAIN

Find out which unexpected items travel by train by taking this quick (and fun!) quiz.

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