What Products Can Be Transloaded?

Watch our video for a rundown of the many products that can be transferred between trains and trucks.

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Transloading is a great shipping option for all kinds of items.

What is transloading? This shipping option gives you the best of both worlds, combining economical rail transport with the flexibility of over-the-road trucking, allowing you to lower your transportation costs and increase your market reach.

No railroad tracks at your door? No worries. Transloading takes care of that. With the help of transloading equipment, your freight is transferred between truck and train along its journey from origin to destination.

Here are a few examples. A forklift may transfer palletized goods from a truck to a rail car, or a crane may lift heavy products, like steel beams, off a rail car and place them on a flatbed truck. 

Just about any product can be transloaded. From household goods to building materials to food and beverages, transloading is a great shipping option for all kinds of items.

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