Rail: Your MVP for March Basketball

Learn how trains deliver everything you need for watching college basketball games this season.

Track Record - March Basketball

Count on rail to deliver the food and beverages that will make watching the big basketball tourney something to really cheer about.


Do you have your bracket ready? The big basketball tournament is here, and that means food, beverages and fun as you cheer on the teams you picked to make it all the way to the final game. See what game day essentials often ship by rail:

  • The meat: Not only can chicken wings and other protein help you keep your energy up while watching several games in a row, they can also ride the rails.
  • The apps: Trains may deliver ingredients for those delicious onion rings, fries and ketchup, in addition to tortilla chips, queso, bean dip and salsa.
  • Snacks to munch on: Popcorn and peanuts are a must when nervously watching those last final seconds of the game. And yes, they can travel by train.
  • Beverages: There’s a good chance your beer, wine and soda travel by rail, too. That deserves a cheer!

Even if your bracket is busted, you can count on rail to deliver the food and beverages that make watching the games more fun.

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