Holiday Cheer Delivered by Rail

From holiday feasts to New Year’s parties, trains help make the season magical


When it comes to the holidays, rail helps deliver the cheer!

With so many holidays ahead, there’s a lot of merriment to be had. And while you probably have a good idea for how you’d like to celebrate, did you know many of the items that make up your feasts, gifts, decorations and parties shipped by rail? Here are a few (don’t miss the video below!).

Holiday Feasts

  • Protein, like prime rib, beef or chicken and the carrots and onions to roast with them
  • Potatoes for roasting, mashing, baking, or shredding into latkes
  • Beans and rice for stews, Jollof rice or just…beans and rice
  • Flour, butter, eggs and sugar used in biscuits, challah, matzah, cookies, gingerbread, fruitcake and even figgy pudding
  • Dairy used for rich, creamy egg nog


  • Cardboard (including recycled cardboard!) for boxes and for shipping gifts to far-away loved ones
  • Paper for holiday cards and wrapping paper
  • Materials to make stockings
  • The most popular gifts, like toys, shoes, clothing and electronics (USA Today cites these as the top 20 most popular for 2019)
  • Cars, trucks and SUVs (and maybe even the materials to make the big red bow on top)
  • Cameras (whether given as gifts or used to capture holiday memories)


  • Candles
  • Wire for wreaths
  • Christmas Trees
  • Corn to pop and make garland
  • Materials to make lights (and even coal to power them)

New Year’s Eve

  • Beer and wine to enjoy at parties
  • Paper for things like streamers, confetti and decorations
  • Plastics used to make party favors
  • Clocks and watches for countdowns
  • Televisions so you can watch the famous ball drop
  • Stereos or speakers to play Auld Lang Syne

When it comes to the holidays, rail helps deliver the cheer! 

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