National & Regional Key Partnerships

Community Ties Giving Program

National and Regional Key Partnerships

Key Partnerships help us support our mission of building safe, prosperous and vibrant communities by providing large-scale, targeted grants intended to achieve significant, measurable and sustainable impact focused on our priority cause areas in key communities. Key partnerships incorporate two subgroups, national and regional, and will be selected by invitation only.

Funding Priorities & Objectives

Throughout its existence, the success of Union Pacific’s business has been inextricably linked to the economic prosperity and wellbeing of cities and towns across the nation. We take pride in the role we have played in helping communities thrive, and believe our impact is greatest when it is authentic to our history and the company we are today. We have carefully aligned the Key Partnership cause areas to our company’s unique heritage, strengths and assets. Specifically, we prioritize funding for direct services and efforts that build the capacity of organizations focused on the following causes within our local operating communities:


In order for communities to thrive, citizens must feel safe. Just as the safety of our employees and community members is paramount to how we operate, Union Pacific is committed to helping communities prevent and prepare for accidents and emergencies, so citizens get home safe at the end of each day.

Workforce Development

For over 150 years, Union Pacific has helped stimulate economic growth in cities and towns throughout the nation by training and providing employment to millions of workers. We are committed to ensuring citizens in our communities are able to achieve family-supporting careers like those offered by Union Pacific.

Community Spaces

The vibrancy of a community is an essential ingredient in attracting businesses and tourism, and establishing a desirable place for skilled workers and their families to call home. Just as the railroad opened up avenues for sharing different cultures and experiences, we seek to ensure all citizens within our operating communities have access to special places in the community that celebrate cultural diversity, artistic expression, our natural environment, and the social interactions that enrich our lives. Ultimately, we are committed to supporting the local economy by building and enhancing community spaces that contribute to the distinct identity of a city or town, creating destinations where families, businesses, and visitors want to be.

National Partners

Union Pacific is proud to partner with these world-class nonprofit organizations, empowering communities to create a safer place for children and families, bring economic prosperity and wellbeing to our neighborhoods and explore boundless opportunities through one of our country’s greatest treasures – national parks.

Safe Kids Worldwide

Union Pacific has partnered with Safe Kids Worldwide to reach a full continuum – from pre-schoolers and K-12 youth to parents – with research-based education and messaging designed to reduce risky behaviors that lead to rail-related incidents.

Learn more about our partnership.

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Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC)

Our partnership with LISC will help to build pathways for diverse, underserved individuals to middle-skills, family-sustaining careers, and a skilled pipeline for in-demand jobs.

Learn more about our partnership.

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National Park Foundation

As an early supporter of the National Park System, Union Pacific is proud to join the National Park Foundation as a premier partner of the Find Your Park/Encuentra Tu Parque movement, a bilingual public engagement campaign inviting all people, especially multicultural millennials, to explore and connect with the diversity of natural, cultural, and historical sites and programs across the National Park System.

Learn more about our partnership.

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Regional Partners

Regional partners are being selected and will be updated here as partnerships are finalized.