Grantee Communications and Reporting

Grantee Communications and Reporting

Measurement & Reporting

Union Pacific expects grant recipients to provide a Grant Impact Report on activities completed and project outcomes at the conclusion of the grant period. At a minimum, grant recipients will be asked to report on the following, if applicable to the proposed program/project:

  • Progress against intended objectives, outputs and outcomes (as proposed in the organization's grant application)
  • Explanation if objectives were not met
  • Status update on funds expended
  • Details on populations served and progress advancing DEI
  • Qualitative data (stories, pictures, videos, etc.)

Please note: Local Grant recipients that have not submitted a Grant Impact Report for their grant will not be eligible for future funding.

Grant Reporting Instructions For 2023 Grant Recipients

Reporting requirements for 2023 grants will be pushed to the applicant account on file (i.e., the account associated with the grant application) by March 1, 2024. If the person who completed the original grant application is no longer with your organization or you are unable to access the account, please email upf@up.com to have the account transferred to a current employee.

Grant Impact Report for 2023 grants are due by Aug. 1, 2024, but may be submitted any time prior to that date. Grantees must complete a 2023 grant progress report to be eligible for a 2024 grant.

Grant Reporting for Prior Year Grants

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Union Pacific is proud of all its nonprofit partners and looks forward to announcing its Local Grant award winners through traditional public relations channels, as well as social and digital media channels. All organizations selected to receive a grant will receive information on best practices in grantee communications should they also be interested in announcing our partnership.

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