We join the community in its frustration with graffiti taggers and the damage they cause. Union Pacific special agents often work with local law enforcement to patrol problem areas; however, tagging is challenging to mitigate and often returns quickly, if removed.

In addition to property damage, taggers are jeopardizing their own safety and, in many instances, the safety of others including Union Pacific train crews. Often, by the time a trespasser hears the train, it’s too late.

The public is encouraged to report suspicious activity by calling Union Pacific’s 24/7 Response Management Communications Center (RMCC) at 1-888-UPRR-COP (1-888-877-7267). Trespassers can be cited by Union Pacific special agents. Penalties vary by municipality.

In some cases, Union Pacific may work with government agencies that have the authority, and funds, to remove graffiti from bridges and structures not owned by Union Pacific. In cases involving Union Pacific’s property, we may consider working with communities who are willing to partner with us in finding a solution to mitigate future tagging. Contact the local Union Pacific Public Affairs Director to discuss arrangements.

The best way to remove graffiti is painting over it. Requests to paint a bridge must be made in writing, and the applicant must agree to bear all costs associated with the paint project, including any required rail safety assistance.