Celebrating Union Pacific's 50-Year Railroaders

50-Year Collage May 8, 2023 | MR

2023 50-year honorees, top row, from left: Jim Creel, conductor; Ronnie Fisher, conductor; Richard Hockett Jr., locomotive engineer; bottom row, from left: Ellis Lister Jr., locomotive engineer; Jerry McCarthy, conductor; and David Nichols, locomotive engineer.

Continuing a long-standing Union Pacific tradition, employees achieving 50 years of railroading will be honored Wednesday, May 17, in a special ceremony with UP senior leadership at 11:15 a.m. CT.

In 1973, the first cellphone call was made using a device the size of a brick, the 108-floor Sears Tower was completed in Chicago and Secretariat won the Kentucky Derby in record time. It also was around the time these dedicated employees started their railroad careers:

  • Jim Creel, conductor, North Platte, Nebraska, Great Plains Service Unit: “I love my job. You have to adapt to new ways of doing things.
  • Ronnie Fisher, conductor, Chicago, Illinois, Commuter Operations Service Unit: “I enjoy railroading. It’s rewarding work.”
  • Richard Hockett Jr., locomotive engineer, Crystal Lake, Illinois, Commuter Operations Service Unit: “My wife’s support has allowed me to do all I’ve done.
  • Ellis Lister Jr., locomotive engineer, Jefferson City, Missouri, Heartland Service Unit: “I’ve been blessed to follow my passion and my heart’s desire all these years. Working here has been a dream come true.”
  • Jerry McCarthy, conductor, Pocatello, Idaho, Rocky Mountain Service Unit: “I like the job. The railroad has treated me well.”
  • David Nichols, locomotive engineer, Livonia, Louisiana, Gulf Coast Service Unit: “I was born for this job.”

Join us in congratulating these honorees – watch the May 17 livestream ceremony via UP’s Facebook page.


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