Union Pacific Supports "Women in the Workforce" at Anne's Haven in Chicago

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Anne’s Haven – An Oasis for Women

Women who have been out of the workforce for a long time and are seeking to hone their interview skills or build a resume have a place to go in Chicago thanks to help from Union Pacific's Communities Ties Giving Program.

They also have a place to crochet a baby blanket, learn about meditation or attend an LGBT+ bible study.

Anne’s Haven is a small nonprofit in Northwest Chicago where women can find community, support, and opportunities to grow or relax in 1,400-square-feet of safe, co-habitational space for women.

“Anne’s Haven is a respite, an oasis and an incubator,” said Executive Director Jennifer O’Grady. “The expectation is that you’re coming to receive support and support others. It’s a place for everybody to further themselves.”

It’s also a place where women can get help acquiring a job.

“Women in the Workforce” is a new program supported by a $5,000 grant from Union Pacific’s Communities Ties Giving Program. It is led by a human resource professional who provides practical advice and guidance to women looking to secure a job and/or sending out a resume after years of being out of the workforce. It is designed to teach and enrich women, as well as offer them practical advice, including how and where to find child support.

“Union Pacific is honored to support an organization that shares our commitment to supporting and helping women grow in the workforce,” said Lindsay Douglas, senior director-Public Affairs for Union Pacific Railroad. “Organizations like Anne’s Haven provide support that doesn’t always garner the most attention but can make a significant difference in a person’s life.”

Anne’s Haven was founded in 2016 by Janet Giangrasse to honor her mother, Anne McNicholas-Giangrasse — a strong, creative, and devoted women who envisioned a life without barriers for women.

“Anne’s Haven is all about supporting women and giving them what they need to thrive,” said O’Grady. “The ‘Women in the Workforce’ program helps women advocate for themselves while finding opportunities and helps them believe they can find those opportunities.”

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