Additional Markets Now Available for Houston On-Dock Rail

Port Houston On Dock Rail Graphic | LR

Union Pacific is pleased to announce expansion of our Houston on-dock rail service to four additional inland markets Dec. 1, 2023. In cooperation with Port Houston, ocean carriers and Beneficial Cargo Owners (BCO) will have access to rail service between Barbours Cut Container Terminal at Port Houston and nine key Union Pacific-served markets. The on-dock operation will save customers' time, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and simplify the end-to-end supply chain for all of our customers.

Import and export/empty service will be available Dec. 1, 2023, for the following Union Pacific intermodal facilities:

  • Chicago Global 4
  • Kansas City
  • Memphis (Marion, AR)
  • Port Laredo

To explore your service options at the Barbours Cut Container Terminal, contact your ocean carrier or connect with your Union Pacific representative.

Expanded Port Houston On-Dock Rail Service
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