On Track to Growth: New Mexico Siding Project Boosts Capacity

Engineering Construction Oscuro Team 8460| LR

Engineering Construction Team 8460 worked injury-free throughout the Oscuro, New Mexico, siding extension project – adding to the team’s more than one-and-a-half year injury-free record.

Did you know Union Pacific spends more on its infrastructure than most state highway agencies?

New Turnout Switch, Oscuro, NM

The new No. 15 right-hand turnout switch at the siding extension’s east end.

In 2022, Union Pacific will invest around $3.4 billion in capital – much of which will go toward hardening the railroad’s infrastructure and increasing capacity through siding extensions like the one Engineering Construction Team 8460 recently completed in Oscuro, New Mexico.

Fifteen team members have been hard at work on the Carrizozo Subdivision since July, supporting Union Pacific’s growth strategy by extending the Oscuro siding by 5,550 feet and adding a set-out track to accommodate longer trains. This Heartland Service Unit main line stretch connects the border city of El Paso, Texas, with the major industrial and commercial hub of Kansas City.

“This project benefits Union Pacific and our customers,” said Ray Johnson, manager-Track Construction. “Longer sidings allow us to decrease or eliminate train meets, reducing main line congestion and delays.” 

By the Numbers: Oscuro Siding Extension Stats

  • 91 injury-free days to construct and place into service.
  • Two No. 11 jump frog switches installed.
  • One No. 15 switch installed.
  • 1,646-foot set-out track constructed.
  • 5,550-feet of new track constructed.

“The extended siding will help train crews move traffic more fluidly along this territory’s long grade,” said Gerald Carpenter, manager-Track Construction.

Union Pacific’s capital investments represent the railroad’s commitment to building a sustainable rail network, supporting economic growth for generations to come.

Main Line Switch, Oscuro, NM

Engineering Construction Team 8460 removes a main line switch, adjacent to the siding extension.

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