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Left: Ryan Pollock, lead welder, Paso Robles, California. Right: Pollock shoots a head weld at Milepost 177.23 on the Northern California Service Unit’s Coast Subdivision.

Lead Welder Ryan Pollock has a reputation as a versatile problem-solver, applying his broad railroad knowledge to Engineering hurdles throughout his 14-year Union Pacific career.

As a lead welder, Pollock is well-versed in repairing rail – but thanks to his drive and passion for learning, he also can handle almost anything else the day might bring his Maintenance of Way team. He’s qualified as a track inspector, section foreperson and machine operator, regularly operating a backhoe and boom truck when called upon.

“Pollock’s versatility is a real asset,” said his supervisor, Tchapo Tchaye, manager-Track Maintenance. “Ryan’s always doing the best he can to solve any issue that arises – he’s motivated, always helping others and willing to take on any task at hand.”

Earlier this year, when their Paso Robles, California-based crew encountered several of Mother Nature’s challenges – mudslides, flooding and downed tree branches – those skills were put to good use clearing and restoring tracks.

A native of California’s central coast, Pollock has worked in the area for most of his career, except during his time with a Northwest Engineering tie team. During that period, he served as a safety captain and system welder in the Great Plains and Rocky Mountain states for concrete tie and undercutter gangs.

“It’s nice to do different jobs,” Pollock said. “It changes up your daily routine.”

Away from work, Pollock and his wife of 13 years, Megan, have two sons: Gus, 5, and Alex, 2. He enjoys keeping busy with home improvement projects.

“Ryan is an exceptional employee, someone you want and need on your team,” said Gilberto Martinez, director-Track Maintenance. “He’s an all-around good man and dedicated father, plus a world-class athlete and avid surfer.”

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