Union Pacific Mechanical Employees Honored for 20-Year Safety Achievement

Rail Car Technicians Patrick Donnelly, James Rose and Tim Gnade | L

From left, Union Pacific Rail Car Technicians Patrick Donnelly, James Rose and Tim Gnade are recognized for working 20 years injury free at Albina Yard in Portland, Oregon.

Five Union Pacific Railroad team members in Portland, Oregon, recently celebrated a significant safety milestone: working 20 years injury free.

Well-respected by their Albina Yard peers, Rail Car Technicians Patrick Donnelly, Steve Dorio, Tim Gnade, James Rose and Steven Ruggles exemplify the railroad’s goal to be the best in safety.

“Awareness and focus are integral to peer-to-peer safety,” Donnelly said. “Not one person does it alone.”

Fellow Rail Car Technician Preston Garrison recently organized a celebration at the shop recognizing their achievements. The five Mechanical team members honored perform critical tasks supporting the railroad’s Pacific Northwest operations – from repairing rail cars on remote sidings to inspecting equipment moving through Albina Yard to ensuring the shop itself is well-maintained.

“It takes a special kind of person to reach such a milestone – you have to stay in the now,” Garrison said. “Everyone appreciates what they’ve done.”

The highly skilled group credits their success and dedication to learning from those who came before them, and to the principles and practices that help everyone go home safe every day.

“They're the leaders of our group in Albina,” Garrison said. “When anyone has questions, they go to them.” 

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