Texas Siding Projects Expedite Track Speed

Main Image - Texas Track Growth Story | LR

Union Pacific's construction and signal teams install a turnout along the Texas and Louisiana border.

Everything really IS bigger in Texas – 12 construction, rail, signal, surfacing and tie teams have been busy tackling an expansive series of track projects designed to upgrade the state’s rail potential.

New Bridge - Texas Track Growth Story | MR

An aerial view of the new track and landscaped terrain around the right of way.

The multiyear infrastructure work recently completed east of Dallas began in December 2020, with much of the work wrapping up in late 2022.

“Our teams built 7.5 miles of new main line track connecting the existing Marshall and Keokuk sidings, and upgrading the sidings to handle higher track speeds,” said James Mross, manager-Track Construction. “This project expedites traffic between Little Rock, Arkansas, and Dallas, Texas, on a busy UPS and Amtrak route.”

By the Numbers: Project Main Line and Siding Extension Stats

  • 100% injury-free project completion.
  • 250,000 cubic yards of excavation.
  • One soil nail wall installed.
  • Two pier protection structures built.
  • Two new concrete bridges for the new mainline track.
  • Five track control points.
  • 15 mainline turnouts.
  • 3,000-foot set-out track constructed. 
Soil Nail Wall - Texas Track Growth Story | LR

Crews place shotcrete to create a new soil nail wall under a bridge.

Box Culvert Extension - Texas Track Growth Story | MR

A construction team places concrete to support a box culvert extension.

“This busy piece of our railroad sees up to 40 trains per day, is a crew change location, has a local serving yard and is near service unit boundaries,” said David Pratt, senior manager-Resource Planning. “Combining all of these elements with some of Union Pacific’s fastest growing intermodal business lanes, this 8-mile double track project supports improved operations and customer experience.”

Union Pacific’s capital investments represent the railroad’s commitment to building a sustainable rail network, supporting economic growth for generations to come.

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