Union Pacific's Resilient Team, Network Support Continued Winter Weather Operations

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Severe weather systems have persistently impacted Union Pacific’s 23-state rail network since early last week, with Team UP continuously battling heavy snowfall, strong winds and subzero temperatures. In the southern part of the network, crews have dealt with tornado warnings, severe thunderstorms and heavy rain.

“Our team is working around the clock to protect and restore rail operations as safely and quickly as possible,” said Eric Gehringer, executive vice president-Operations.

Upon storm notifications, railroad teams notify customers, position resources and coordinate internal operations to mitigate impacts despite power outages and road closures.

Thanks to teamwork from across the railroad, regional recovery efforts are in high gear, with employees removing snow and debris, clearing switches and restoring tracks.

Cold weather, heavy rains and severe thunderstorms are projected to finally move out of the South over the next couple days and while a brief warmup is expected by week’s end in the Great Lakes and Great Plains, subzero temperatures are anticipated to return over the weekend. Snowfighter operations continue to clear rail yards at higher elevations in the Pacific Northwest region, and freezing rain is predicted to impact places like Portland this week.

“Thank you, Team UP, for all your efforts to safely and quickly respond to service disruptions,” Gehringer said. “We will continue following our winter action protocols to mitigate impacts to our operations.”

Customers, visit Union Pacific’s Winter Weather Planning and Recovery page for more information. 

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