Chemical Transportation Safety Pinnacle Award

The Award's Inception and Philosophy

Union Pacific is committed to providing the safest and most efficient rail transportation service in the industry. That commitment includes striving to eliminate chemical releases from rail cars, which remain a significant problem in our industry, resulting in service delays, employee injuries, environmental damage and unnecessary cleanup costs for both Union Pacific and our customers.

These episodes, known as non-accident releases (NARs), make up the largest portion of Union Pacific hazardous materials incidents. NARs can be prevented through aggressive efforts to identify the root causes of these occurrences, and by the development of systems that ensure continual adherence to proper safety procedures.

UP initiated the Chemical Transportation Safety Pinnacle Award as part of our NAR reduction program. The award program, open to all chemical shippers, annually honors those companies which have successfully implemented prevention and corrective plans and a rate of zero NARs for shipments of regulated hazardous materials.

For more information regarding chemical transportation safety and the Pinnacle Award program, please call contact the General Director-Chemical Transportation Safety, at 402-544-4781 or send an email.

Award Winners