Hazardous Materials Management - Prevention

Hazardous material team members are regionally based throughout Union Pacific's footprint, and the designated emergency contacts and Qualified individuals are identified per location. Our hazardous material team members regularly inspect tank cars moving on the Union Pacific network to ensure safe transportation. Here's how the team makes that happen:

  • To ensure the safety of shipments, a hazardous materials team member inspects tank car fittings, markings, safety appliances, and waybills.
  • Union Pacific's hazardous materials team members perform about 5,000 of these inspections annually.
  • Union Pacific managers, outside contractors, Union Pacific customers, and government regulators work together to inspect tank cars, report, and remedy findings.

Hazardous materials members are responsible for training Union Pacific employees regarding hazardous materials safety awareness.

  • U.S. Department of Transportation-defined "hazmat employees" are required to be trained in the safe handling of hazardous materials.
  • Union Pacific train crews are required to know, understand, and carry a copy of instructions for Handling Hazardous Materials (Union Pacific Reference Guide) while operating a train carrying hazardous materials.
  • If Union Pacific inspections identify a shipper with recurring issues, a hazardous materials team member will provide on-site training for proper tank car preparation to ensure the shipper is educated in best practices for preparing hazardous materials shipments.