Union Pacific Photo Safety

We get it. You’re looking for the perfect picture. But whether it’s a silly selfie or a photo with friends, taking pictures on train tracks is more than illegal – it can be deadly. Walking on train tracks is always dangerous and avoidable. Picture this: It’s a clear, quiet day and you find yourself in a scenic area on a railroad track. Think you’ll hear or see an approaching train? Think again. Most of a train’s sound is behind it, so you might not hear it until it’s too late. Always put your safety first and expect a train at all times.


Think You'll Hear a Train? Think Again.



  • Only walk across the tracks at designated railroad crossings, located where the street intersects with the tracks.
  • Never walk between the rails or areas that are not designated railroad crossings.
  • Avoid distractions such as loud music, texting or talking on cell phones when crossing the railroad tracks.
  • Stay away from trains and other railroad property, including trestles, yards and equipment.
  • Call the number posted at the crossing or 911 to report unsafe behavior on the tracks.